With over a decade of providing IT Services and Solutions, to our valuable clients in Kerala and South India, we have adapted ourselves to the ever changing Information Technology. Learning from our shortcomings and understand the needs of today’s world we have strived to be the best and deliver quality.  Our focus areas include:

  1. Networking, Internet and Security:
    The world of networking hardware sees new developments almost daily. Stay up to date on mobile devices, network infrastructure and related technologies with Technoline, using wide variety of products from Switches to Routers, VPN Boxes and UTM. 

    • Interconnect your offices locally or globally using AIRTEL Lease Line, V- Sat MPLS and IPLC Circuits
    • Interact two or more locations through Video Conference
    • Monitor your Office any where from the world through internet using IP Cameras
    • Communicate confidentially over a public network using VPN (Virtual private networks). VPN can be a cost effective and secure way for different corporations to provide users access to the corporate network and for remote networks to communicate with each other across the Internet. VPN connections are more cost-effective than dedicated private lines.
    • Secure your Network from Hackers, Virus attacks, Spam etc, with Firewalls and UTM (Unified threat Management Systems)
  2. Facility management and Maintenance:
    This is an area where Technoline has gained considerable amount of competency over the years. We provide greater than 98% of uptime for the systems and had reduced MTTR. Our customer support department has built up focused division of tele support, installation team, troubleshooting team and test and repair center. We do maintain systems of multiple makes and brands, not only the systems that we sell. 

    Our helpdesk team guides you to solve your PC related software and hardware problems by yourself. We can guide you through trouble shooting your problems and offer services like finding your lost device drivers, configuring your Internet and Networks, Installing new software etc.

  3. PC and Server Solutions:
    The Enterprise Services team at Technoline Systems and Services works in partnership with some of the world’s leading hardware and software technology players to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs. Technoline taps its vast experience on various technology platforms and alliances with global technology leaders to offer single point, vendor neutral support services. What’s more, these services also offer a single point of responsibility for SLA based services that are scalable and customizable for a wide range of products and technologies. 

    Over the years Technoline has built up expertise in integrating systems of different makes. Users have realized the necessity of multiple operating systems and domains to meet their organizational requirements. We have supported these users with cost effective and enterprise oriented solutions.

  4. IT Consultation:
    Technoline Systems believe that business and technology work hand-in-hand. A proper understanding of this synthesis motivates every engagement, enabling us to deliver technology solutions that give you a decisive competitive advantage. 

    Technoline System’s  IT consultants focus on defining, optimizing and aligning the client’s business strategy with IT initiatives. Technoline Systems focused on helping the customers realize their business goals by delivering tangible, measurable benefits. Technoline Systems’ consultants can help you and your team work at peak productivity, so you have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Technoline Systems offers a variety of high quality IT consulting services for solving project management, business analysis, system analysis, strategic planning, and other IT issues. Technoline Systems skilled professional consultants deliver objective recommendations and tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

  5. Data Security and Storage Solutions:
    For years, the data storage industry has continued to improve the availability, reliability and security of its storage subsystems. These key attributes have continually been addressed by improving the reliability of the disk drives, introducing RAID capability, and providing a variety of data replication techniques such as mirroring, snapshot copy and journaling. These solutions delivered significant improvements for protecting data from a variety of storage hardware and subsystem failures.

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I take pride to inform you that M/s Technoline has served us in areas such as - Server Hardware Procurement, Laptop/Desktop Procurements and have been providing us Service support for laptops and Desktops. I am quite satisfied by their service and I wish them all the best.